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What an honour it is to welcome Malaysian Para-swimmer James Wong as our latest addition to #teamFINIS Malaysia! 

And now, to share some love from our awesome athlete!

James Wong hits the stage today - after qualifying for his World Para Swimming Championships 2019 - for a random question and answer session and share some insights with us about the awesome dude that he is.



What/who got you into swimming?
Lewin Lim (ex Malaysian Olympic coach) was my first coach and he spotted me swimming one day after school. He invited me to train with him and I got addicted to training and working hard in the pool.

What makes you get out of bed every day to practice? 
I get out of bed each morning to be a better version of myself. The life of an athlete isn’t very long and I want to make every day count! I get to meet new people and travel to new places all the time doing something I love, this is a dream job for me.

Favourite thing to do during your free time? 
I enjoy going out with my friends - In the summer time in Australia I love going to the beach. Other times I enjoy having a good meal or watching a bit of Netflix - anything to take my mind off training.

Pre-race routine? 

I don’t have a set routine before I race, I just do what I ever need to do to feel comfortable in the moment! The only thing that is fixed is I like to get to the pool 90 mins before I race. 

Go-to Pre-meet meal?
I like to eat quite plain foods before I race. Anything with a good mix of carbs and protein, and a strong coffee to go with it!

Love winning to hate losing? 
I just want to be better than what I was before. I love winning but if I win a race without doing a PB, I don’t really feel that satisfied anyway.

Favourite sport to watch outside of swimming.
Tennis, boxing and the UFC.

Who inspires you? 
Ernie Gawilan from the Phillipines & Xu Haijiao from China are two swimmers who inspire me. Not just for what they do in the pool but also for how they are outside of the pool. 

Proudest achievement so far
Qualifying for the world championships at the 2018 Asian Games. I’m not proud of my race as I didn’t execute the final well but fortunately, it was just enough on the day!

Last but not least! Congratulations on qualifying for the World Championships 2019! How do you feel?
It’s exciting. It’s my first world championships and the fact that it will be on home ground makes it even more special. 2019 will be an important year if I am to make Tokyo. I’m determined to make the most of the opportunity.


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Stay awesome James!

Show your love and support as he prepares for the World Championships 2019 and set his sights for Tokyo 2020! 

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