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      Introducing the HydroX™

      Introducing the HydroX™

      FINIS, Inc., a worldwide leader in technical swim products, is proud to announce the global release of its newest tech suit, the HydroX™.


      When developing a technical racing suit, it is crucial that the athlete has optimal flexibility, compression, muscle contribution, stability, and rigidity.

      “The HydroX suit is absolutely fantastic, I love the compression around my legs. As a butterflier, when I race in the HydroX™ my legs don’t feel as restricted and it allows me to still achieve the big motion kick which gives me more confidence in my swims.” -James Guy, United Kingdom 2X Olympic Gold Medalist

      We focused on the most essential details of the race suit, starting with the fabric and how it interacts with muscle. FINIS worked with world-renowned scientist Dr. Redha Taiar, whose background in biomechanics and years of experience studying human anatomy has aided in the development of the HydroX™. Taiar’s research focused on the most important factors of a tech suit, the fabric and its interaction with the muscles and the water.

      MemoryFlex™ Fabric

      Our proprietary fabric, MemoryFlex™ was developed to provide consistent support and contention throughout its useful life. Rather than using a standard fabric that was woven in a two-dimensional plane, we have created one that enables flexibility in the third dimension. We accomplish this by weaving the threads of our fabric around those that exist on the X and Y plane, mimicking the natural structure of our muscles.



      Interaction with Water

      MemoryFlex™ fabric is uniquely constructed as a deep water repellent applied to each thread prior to the construction of the fabric. Once the fabric is constructed a second coating is applied increasing the water-repellency of the HydroX™. Although other tech suits on the market repel water, they in fact take on more water after each use. MemoryFlex™ technology is inherently thin, which allows for an increased range of motion and less opportunity for water absorption.

      “As soon as I put it on I realized that the fabric is a lot different than the Rival 2.0 that I am used to wearing. It felt thin and was very easy to put on. Before a meet, I am usually trying to find someone to help me put the suit on but just knowing that I could get the straps up myself was a huge confidence booster. The suit is noticeably thinner than other suits, but it actually provides really nice compression and flexibility coming off my dive and into each turn.” -Meg Harris, Australian Olympic Gold Medalist

      While the HydroX™ may appear wet after a race, the suit will actually retain very little water. Compliant with FINA permeability standards the HydroX™ allows water to penetrate through the fabric without absorption, decreasing drag and resistance caused by the intake of water.

      Click here to learn more about the HydroX™

      2022 Price Adjustment Update

      As 2022 winds down and we get ready for 2023, we would like to thank you for having us back in the pool with you!

      Although we have tried our best to maintain our prices, our operating costs have increased significantly due to global factors in recent times. After carefully reviewing the finances, we have made a tough decision of adjusting our product prices.

      The change will be effective from October 7, 2022.

      Our website will reflect the new prices on the same day. Till then, you can take benefit of the current prices.

      • Orders that ship before October 6, 2022 will lock in current pricing* (*subject to stock availability)

      • Any orders that ship on/after October 7, 2022 will be processed with new pricing.

      We are committed to providing you with original products, from the best manufacturers in the industry!

      If you have any questions, please reach out to our team. We greatly appreciate your kind understanding and support.




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