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      swimshop2u News — #teamFINIS

      FINIS Smart Goggles give you ALLLL the data!

      FINIS Smart Goggles give you ALLLL the data!

      Courtesy of FINIS

      After nearly two years of research and development, we are proud to announce the release of the FINIS Smart Goggle, powered by Ciye™.

      FINIS partnered with Ciye™ (Coach In Your Eye), in order to deliver the most innovative and interactive swimming experience to date. Whether you are a beginner looking to learn and improve, a lap swimmer wanting to track your efforts, or a competitive swimmer reaching for the next level, the FINIS Smart Goggle is the ultimate tool to help you reach your goals and have fun doing it!

      FINIS Smart Goggles Gif-02

      “The Smart Goggle is a game changer. Lap swimming and sets are so much easier to keep track of, and the social integration is a great addition to what traditionally is a very individual sport. These are now ‘must have’ for all my swim workouts, pool or open water.”

      – Anthony Robinson • Former USA National Team member, and World Record Holder


      Simplifying swimming through innovation is what FINIS does best and the Smart Goggle is our most powerful and versatile training tool yet. The Smart Coach is noninvasive, and allows swimmers to focus on their metrics only when they choose. The Smart Goggle is customizable to seamlessly fit into your routine so you can focus on your swim.

      FINIS Smart Goggles Data



      FINIS Smart Goggles_Gif01

      The Smart Goggle is unique, just like you, and therefore customizable to your viewing preferences. Depending on which information you find most valuable during your workout, customize the Smart Coach to display your preferred metrics.

      “I swim laps”
      Let us count your laps so you can focus on technique!
      “I swim sets”
      No more relying on pace clocks! We’ll keep you on track.
      “I swim for time”
      No more interruptions – swim time and clock in your lens will keep your head down.


      “The Smart Goggle offers the ability to add another layer of expertise to my training team! So much of successful swimming, especially at the Masters level, is training smarter. The ability for our swimmers view a pace clock in their own goggle rather than looking across the pool, gives them more focus and insights on every length they swim”

      – Kerry O’Brien • Walnut Creek Masters Coach, USMS & Pacific Masters Coach of the Year recipient, 7-Time 100 and 200 Butterfly National Champion


      FINIS Smart Goggles Gif3

      FINIS Smart Goggle CIYE App Preview

      Gain Insight Into Your Workouts

      Once you have completed your swim, the Smart Goggle will automatically pair with the Ciye™ app and upload your workout.

      The Ciye™ app will provide insight into your workout, from overall summary to the fine details for every workout and every lap including time, distance, pace, active, rest time, stroke type, split, average pace, kcal burned and more.

      The Ciye™ app will help set and track goals, share with friends, and gain better understanding of your workouts.

      “We didn’t want to tweak swimming, we wanted to transform it. The Smart Coach delivers feedback during and after your workout, giving swimmers real time insights they can’t get elsewhere. Focus on your technique, see your performance, and make adjustments as needed”

      -Yuri Zhovnirovsky • Ciye Co-Founder

       FINIS Smart Goggles CIYE App

      Superior Design

      The design of the FINIS Smart Goggle strikes the perfect balance between functionality, performance, and aesthetics. We recognize that goggles have a fixed lifetime, so we  designed the Smart Coach to be removable. This allows swimmers to more affordably replace their goggles with a fresh pair, without re-purchasing the Smart Coach. Each goggle includes six interchangeable nose pieces to accommodate a variety of sizes. The Smart Goggle packs a powerful Smart Coach, yet looks remarkably like standard goggles both in shape and size. Great effort went into making them comfortable, small and unobtrusive just like your current goggles.

      “Our breakthrough was to get the optics small enough to not interfere with the purity and field of vision from just wearing a quality swim goggle. To offer a pace clock, splits, lap count and more in the corner of your peripheral vision when swimming takes the guesswork out of every swim. Also having the ability to track progress and share the details with your coach or friends adds to the enjoyment or improvement of every swim.”

      – John Mix • FINIS Co-Founder

      Features to Come

      This is just the beginning. FINIS & Ciye™ plan to roll out a number of new features throughout the year. We are always enhancing and improving the Smart Coach software and users will be notified when updates become available. Upon initial release, the product integrates with Strava, for tracking and sharing with your network.

      The Smart Goggle is available for pre-order April 6 on FINISswim.com to US, Canada, and Australia with arrival dates in May and will become available in other global markets throughout 2021.

      COMING SOON to MALAYSIA: Q4 2021


      FINIS Innovation Timeline





      About FINIS, Inc.

      John Mix and Olympic Gold Medal swimmer Pablo Morales founded FINIS in Northern California in 1993 with a mission to simplify swimming for athletes, coaches, beginners and lifelong swimmers around the world. Today, FINIS fulfills that mission through innovation, high-quality products and a commitment to education. FINIS products are currently available in over 80 countries. With a focus on innovation and the fine details of swimming, FINIS will continue to develop products that help more people enjoy the water.


      About Ciye™

      Founded in 2017, Ciye’s is on a mission to make fitness more enjoyable and help you attain your health and fitness goals. Ciye’s Smart Coach is a revolutionary approach to fitness which places a virtual coach in athletic eyewear. The patented design is compact and unobtrusive, keeping the eyewear virtually unchanged. Ciye collects and analyzes your workout and provides real time, in-the-moment feedback to improve your performance, just like a real coach would.

      Our first product integrates the Ciye Smart Coach into swimming goggles for a radically improved swim experience. In the process we changed swimming forever.

      #teamFINIS | swimshop2u response to Covid19

      #teamFINIS | swimshop2u response to Covid19

      To all in our beloved swimming & aquatics community, #FINISFamily, friends and everyone who enjoys the water,

      Everyone of us are facing a tremendous challenge with the Covid-19 situation and the recent announcement by our government on the restricted movement order. 


      In this challenging environment, we hope for everyone to stay strong, positive, fit and healthy! Let’s stay united as a sports loving community and continue to encourage one another!


      Continue to find ways to be physically active even at home & not to lose your passion for your sport.

       We are counting the days when we can jump back into the water!


      In the meantime, we are still here at swimshop2u and will continue our mission of supplying our swimming and aquatics community & family with innovative swimming products.


       However, please be patient as shipping times may be affected. We will be working with our delivery partners to minimize any inconvenience as much as possible.


      Thank you for your continuous support & understanding for small businesses like our as we face this challenging situation.


      Stay healthy & keep calm!


      swimshop2u stay healthy & keep calm

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      #teamFINIS | Ben Swim Bike Run

      #teamFINIS | Ben Swim Bike Run

      We are excited to welcome BEN Swim Bike Run (BSBR) to #teamFINIS Malaysia! 

      BEN Swim Bike Run is a small but growing club in Melaka where their focus is on producing well rounded Triathletes and open water swimmers for the future.

      See what they are up to! They are social! 

      Ben Swim Bike Run Facebook Page 

      Ben Swim Bike Run Instagram @teamBSBR

      BSBR is headed by Coach Ben who is a passionate coach who firmly believes in developing those under his watch to bring out the best in their abilities.



      Mimi and Aiman Lee under his tutelage have grown as triathletes and Open Water swimmers, not only placing highly during triathlons in 2018 but winning overall champions for their age categories in recent OWS races. We look forward to seeing how Mimi and Aiman will perform at the upcoming Port Dickson International Triathlon too!

      Welcome again, BEN Swim Bike Run, to the FINIS family!



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