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      Welcome & dive right in! 

      swimshop2u.com is here for you. We are an online specialty shop based in Malaysia for swimming, water polo and triathlon products. 

      • Browse and shop for your swim gears!
      • Deliveries right to your doorstep. 
      • Simple, effective and practical.

      We provide the best in swimming competition gear and training equipment to give you the extra edge for a great swim! We make it easy for you.

      AntiWave lane ropes, start blocks, water polo equipment, FINIS® snorkels & fins, Rocket Science Sports®, PacePal®Strechcordz® & more - quality equipment to make your pool facility and your swim team complete!

      We only deal with original equipment from the best manufacturers worldwide to ensure and guarantee that you only get the very best!

      Enjoy and have a great swim!




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