#teamFINIS | Ben Swim Bike Run

We are excited to welcome BEN Swim Bike Run (BSBR) to #teamFINIS Malaysia! 

BEN Swim Bike Run is a small but growing club in Melaka where their focus is on producing well rounded Triathletes and open water swimmers for the future.

See what they are up to! They are social! 

Ben Swim Bike Run Facebook Page 

Ben Swim Bike Run Instagram @teamBSBR

BSBR is headed by Coach Ben who is a passionate coach who firmly believes in developing those under his watch to bring out the best in their abilities.



Mimi and Aiman Lee under his tutelage have grown as triathletes and Open Water swimmers, not only placing highly during triathlons in 2018 but winning overall champions for their age categories in recent OWS races. We look forward to seeing how Mimi and Aiman will perform at the upcoming Port Dickson International Triathlon too!

Welcome again, BEN Swim Bike Run, to the FINIS family!

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