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ZOOMERS® are a unique swim fin that utilize patented short-fin technology to promote a shorter, faster kick. They are designed to provide the ideal amount of propulsion for perfecting the swimming kick and stroke, allowing for better form over longer periods of time. Because they have a smaller blade than traditional fins, ZOOMERS® make the legs work harder without overloading the muscles. They help you avoid burnout and sustain an optimum workout level over a longer period.

ZOOMERS® fins allow you to practice swimming at or above race-level speeds without being rested or shaved. For each speed in the water, there is a size of the kick that works best. The kick creates propulsion that moves you forward, but each time the legs separate in the flutter kick, they create drag which slows you down. At higher speeds, the drag created can potentially cancel out the extra effort put in. A smaller kick creates less drag, but also less propulsion. ZOOMERS® are designed to help practice and perfect this smaller kick by providing just enough extra propulsion while avoiding additional drag.

  • ZOOMERS® fins cause enough resistance to firm and tone the legs and core muscle groups.
  • ZOOMERS® come in two models.
  • Colors: Red or Blue.
  • Red ZOOMERS® are for swimmers with flexible feet, ankles and a strong kick. For advanced competitive swimmers with a developed, strong kick.
  • Blue ZOOMERS® are softer and recommended for most swimmers who are looking for a strength-training workout.



  • To get a great workout, you must exercise a large percentage of the body's muscle mass at a reasonably high level of intensity for a long period of time or over a long distance. Due to the nature of swimming, swimmers often fall below this optimum level of workout, usually due to the difficulty in sustaining an efficient kick.

  • Zoomers make the legs work harder, but the smaller blade will not overload leg muscles, therefore a high level of intensity can be maintained for a longer period of time. The additional propulsion allows the arms to cycle faster, providing the opportunity to breathe more and increase the oxygen intake needed to sustain the effort of the leg muscles.

  • We do not race at slow speeds, yet most workouts are done at sub-race speeds. Therefore, we spend much of our time practicing techniques for slower swimming - a different size kick, speed, arm turnover rate, body planing position and arm entry angle. Zoomers make it possible to practice correct race pace techniques for extended periods of time.

  • With Zoomers you can train at or above race speeds, resulting in improvements to high-speed neuromuscular coordination and a reduction in the upper-body stress associated with sprint training. The core of your workout is improved, allowing you to become a better swimmer with a stronger, faster kick.





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