Virtual Swim Trainer

Virtual Swim Trainer
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VIRTUAL SWIM TRAINER is ultimate swim training system for improving the training method of your swim team. It is the choice of professional athletes and renowned coaches around the globe. It will help you reach optimal performance level and success with these features:

  • Follow your own swim set pace
  • Follow competitors swim set pace
  • Adapt step by step your own swim set pace

Challenge yourself in Olympic Champion Speed and check your swim performance in Real Time!

Virtual trainer is worldwide Patented, US9095762 WO2010122480, and distributed under licence of Indicotech It provides a strong LED light moving at pool bottom or on the lane breakwater surface. You constantly see the pointer position and you can compare it with your own.

  • UP TO 6 different colors, allow different athletes to swim in the same lane
  • UP TO 8 different lanes to be independently configured.
  • Different solutions of LED lighting strip to fit 25 or 50 meters.

Patented US/Worldwide technology helps swimmers visually understand if they are on pace with the time programmed or if they are going too slow or too fast.

The Virtual Swim Trainer is one continuous LED strip that is sealed in a silicon casing to protect it from the harsh pool environment, it is not made up of multiple sections that are connected end to end that could lead to exposure and damage to the system.

The Virtual Swim Trainer can pace up to 6 swimmers within the same lane for 25 m/yd (each with a different color), 12 swimmers within the same lane for 50 m and up to 8 lanes at the same time. The system is portable and takes within 5 minutes or less to setup.


Train Your Team by High Tech Instruments

Virtual Trainer adds new engaging approaches to your swim training. Make sure you are doing your best for your team train

Get outstanding results for developing swim-specific work out.

The coaching strategy of working athletes hard and keeping them fatigued for many months is nowadays outmoded. In swimming and indeed in sports in general, that approach has been taken to extremes and no longer is supported by research evidence or the practices of very successful coaches and athletes.

Better swimmers come from stepped-improvement programs, with demonstrable training effects being derived from the judicious use of optimized workout throughout the year. VIRTUAL TRAINER offers functionality and features that can really help coaches optimize training planning in the pool and reap the rewards.

reference spot light which is moving at the desired speed and acceleration is the key point of this high tech system.

The coaches can easily figure out applications of such a device. Among the others you can set the timing to be followed and modulate it according to training plan, you can impose different times at each set and you can play on the speed variation rate.

VIRTUAL TRAINER comes with 2 years warranty

Finally, a high tech system that allows tuning swim training at its highest degree of performance.

  • VIRTUAL SWIM TRAINER has been designed by engineers and swimmers together
  • VIRTUAL SWIM TRAINER is the last innovation all round swim training systems. Kicking this new concept helps optimizing training at its best performance. By VT you to swim faster!


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