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  • Increase propulsion
  • Allow a higher arm turn over rate
  • Reduce, if not eliminate, shoulder stress
  • Build muscle size, strength and quickness
  • Increase stress to the cardiovascular system
  • Activate more muscle fibers (more muscle mass) 
  • Permit a steeper entry angle for a very fast "catch"
  • develop high speed neuromuscular coordination




Fast swimming requires fast movements at moderate force levels. Paddles cause the arm movement to be slower, but muscle forces are much higher. Paddles help build strength and power for slower movements. 

The larger the paddle you use, the higher the forces you will exert. To use this new strength and power, it is necessary to effectively transfer it to faster movements. using two or three sizes of paddles can do this. 

Swim most of your pulling laps with a very large paddle to generate very high forces. At least twice per week. switch to smaller paddles to practice faster movements. You can do this by swimming an entire pulling portion of your workout with the smaller size or you can switch from the larger to the smaller after you have completed 70% - 75% of your pulling for that workout. If you are preparing for a competition, increase the percentage of small paddle use as you approach your taper period. 





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