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Amazingly light, the Hydrospeed Flux is the lightest swimsuit we have ever developed. The thin fabric creates a smooth surface that reduces friction and increases hydrodynamics.

Ultra-Light Fabric
Made with ultra light weight fabric for minimum resistance

Thin Construction
Produces a smooth surface that reduces friction

4-Way Stretch Fabric
Provides perfect compression around the muscles and body



The FINIS Male Hydrospeed Flux jammer is constructed from a proprietary ultra light fabric and is currently the lightest swimsuit that FINIS has on the market. This lightweight fabric significantly decreases resistance in the water to optimize hydrodynamic performance through the water. It also has a thin construction with a smooth surface area to further reduce friction.

Due to the unique construction, the Hydrospeed Flux Jammer has minimal permeable properties within FINA limits that enhance the hydrodynamic of the jammers. The Flux jammer fabric also features four way stretch to allow the jammer to perfectly fit the contours of the body and provide optimum, but unrestrictive compression. This compression effectively decreases muscle vibration and oscillation, allowing the muscles to work more efficiently. Effective compression also means improved blood flow to the muscles, which improves endurance and hastens recovery. 

The laser cut fabric also ensures that a perfect fit is obtained, combined with the tapered edges that provide a secure grip around the legs. It also features a unique pelvic support area that supports core muscles to maintain stability, and support the core muscles in generating more power throughout the body. The flat lock seams are strategically positioned to lessen drag, while enhancing the durability of the jammer. It also features a drawstring waistband for an optimum fit.

The FINIS Male Hydrospeed Flux jammer can be used for competitive level swimming. However, due to its durability it can also function well as training jammers. This jammer is not recommended for multi-sport events such cycling and running as the construction of the fabric accommodates swimming and not cycling or running movements. 


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