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If you are a competitive swimmer, swim coach, triathlete, or triathlon coach, this video will teach you how to integrate training with the Vasa Ergometer ("Erg") swim bench to achieve dramatic improvements in stroke technique, sustained stroke power, speed and stamina - so you can swim faster than ever before.

Better Technique

 Masters Swimmer and Coach, Karlyn Pipes-Neilsen, holds more world records than any swimmer ever (over 200 to date). In this video, Karlyn teaches 5 focus points that are central to improving technique and putting more power & efficiency into all 4 strokes. You'll learn how to successfully integrate these 5 key points into training on the Vasa Ergometer with swimming in the pool or open water. With Karlyn's expert coaching, you'll swim faster with less effort.

Karlyn's 5 Focus Points include:

    1. Hand Placement - how to properly set up the stroke

    2. Fingertip Orientation - "High Elbow Catch" or: Early Vertical Forearm"

    3. Wrist Awareness and Karlyn's secret weapon. "The Power of the Y"

    4. Umph at the Front - where to apply the power in your stroke

    5. Exiting the Stroke - reduce drag and use less effort on the recovery


+ More Power

Coach Tim Crowley, 2009 USA Triathlon elite National Coach of the Year, and renowned multi-sport Coach Al Lyman are two of the most innovative, "out of the box" thinkers in sport today. They share their experience and discoveries with integrating the Vasa Ergometer into fitness routines as a powerful training tool.


Their cutting-edge approach has completely shifted the way elite level athletes rain for swimming - especially the triathlon swim. They will show you how the Vasa Erg is ideal for testing, training and technique improvements. Focus points include

  •  Starting Out - Using the Vasa Ergometer properly
  •  Benefits of Training with the Vasa Power Meter
  •  Integrating Erg Training with Pool Swimming
  •  Key Erg Workouts - Transitions, Cross Training, Prehab and Rehab


= Foster Swimming

 Karlyn, Al and Tim provide insightful answers to Frequently Asked Questions, including how to train safely with kids, how to use the Vasa Erg for all 4 strokes, how to acquire proper rotation in freestyle, how to use the Vasa Erg as a pool substitute, and how the Vasa Erg compares to pool swimming or training with stretch cords.





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