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Train Smarter. Perform Better.

The Vasa Trainer is the best swim training bench for maximizing swim-specific and total body strength.
With the Vasa Trainer you will:

  • Build Specific Strength
  • Improve Stroke Technique
  • Develop Core Power
  • Gain More Leg Power for Starts & Turns

With over 200 functional and swim-specific exercises, this swim bench is unrivaled in versatility, durability and value. The Vasa Trainer Pro will be your “secret weapon” outside the water.

Targeted exercises strengthen exactly the muscles you need to make performance gains. Increased strength means greater speed when you need it. Improve your technique—fix common stroke flaws and transfer proper technique to the water. Train with sport-specific motions to become stronger with truly functional strength. The Vasa Trainer is simply the best strength training machine for swimmers, triathletes, surfers, paddlers, physical therapists and other top athletes. Smarter training with the Vasa Trainer delivers these key benefits:

  • Develop true swim-specific strength
  • Correct stroke flaws and transfer proper technique to the water
  • Gain strength quickly and results faster
  • Great for rehab and preventing injuries
  • Targeted exercises strengthen exactly the muscles you want

1 Front/Rear Stanchions Rugged tubular steel coated with a durable baked-on epoxy finish.
2 Monorail Extruded aluminum tubing provides rust resistance and smooth seat roller action.
3 Telescoping Tube Stainless steel tube with 15 settings to easily adjust resistance by changing incline of the monorail.
4 Pulley Cable System (PCS) Commercial grade pulley & cord system. Provides a wider range of motion and more resistance options.
5 Webbing Straps Use these to double the resistance at any monorail incline. (Compared to using the PCS.)
6 Handles & Paddles For quick and easy changes between exercise handles, swim paddles or ankle straps (accessory).
7 Pull-Up Strap Bar Ideal for “gravity assisted” pull-ups, chin-ups, ab crunches, and stretches.
8 Seat Carraige Delrin rollers for durability, fitted with premium quality bearings to ensure a smooth, quiet ride.
9 Padded Bench Anatomically designed for maximum function, comfort and versatility. XL Bench available.
10 Stretch Cords Tubing provides added resistance plus dynamic return action for the seat system.
11 Foot Platform Perform explosive leg strengthening / streamlining exercises. NOTE: Accessory sold separately.


Vasa Trainer Includes:

  • Adjustable Length Webbing Straps
  • Pulley Cable System (PCS)
  • Freestyle Extension Loop
  • Power Paddles
  • Exercise Handles
  • Stretch Cord
  • Assembly Hardware and Tools
  • Illustrated Instruction Manual

Vasa Trainer Specifications

Space Requirements:

Assembled Measurements: 91″ × 24″ × 29–41″ (231cm x 61cm x 74-104cm) LxWxH

For use: 120” × 48” (305cm x 122cm) LxWxH

Vasa Trainer Resistance:

Body weight with 15 incline settings.

Use Webbing Straps for full resistance.

Use Pulley Cable System (PCS) for half resistance.

Use Stretch Cord to add 5-10 lbs of resistance.  (NOTE: Power Cords (accessory) can also be added for a wider range of resistance options.)

PLEASE NOTE:  As we are continually making improvements to Vasa products, actual items shipped may vary slightly from the images shown on our website.

For storage: 91″ × 24″ × 13″ (231cm x 61cm x 33cm) LxWxH

Frame: Commercial strength steel tubing coated with primer & epoxy powder coating for corrosion-resistance. (NOT ideal for extremely harsh, chlorine-rich pool deck areas).

Monorail: Anodized Aluminum Extrusion

Padded Bench: Pro Anatomic Tapered; 11.5″ – 13.5″ (W) × 35.5″ (L) (Users over 6’ may require the XL Bench upgrade.)

Assembled Weight: 53 lbs. (24 kg)

Shipping Weight: 64 lbs (29 kg)

Shipping: Trainer is shipped in 2 boxes. Additional accessories may require additional boxes.


The Vasa Trainer requires very little assembly, as most of the difficult parts are already put together when it arrives to you. Clearly illustrated instructions and all necessary tools are included with every machine. Allow about an hour to complete the assembly. View Trainer assembly video. 



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