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      Rocket Science Sports®



      Rocket Science Sports makes innovative products based on detailed scientific research and the application of engineering concepts. Our products are designed to maximize human efficiency by implementing concepts of aero dynamics, hydro dynamics, compression, durability, and of course, style. Extensive time is undertaken to design and perfect each product before market introduction.

      Our products go through rigorous testing in the lab and in the field by professional athletes to ensure optimal performance and fit. 

      Our philosophy is to defy mediocrity. We are continually seeking to exceed industry standards and we create innovative products specifically designed to enhance the performance of each individual athlete, whether novice or professional. At Rocket Science Sports, we look forward to helping each athlete achieve or exceed his or her performance goals.

      Rocket Science Sports specializes in competition quality apparel and accessories for the sports market with a core emphasis on technology. Lead designer and CEO, Marcin Sochacki, applies his degree in aerospace engineering and his extensive background in competitive sports to create the product range.

      For our athletes, fresh air, clean water, and open trails are some of the basic elements which are fundamental to regular training. But in order to keep the skies blue and the water clean, everyone has to contribute.

      At Rocket Science Sports we are working hard to reduce our carbon footprint. We set new goals to achieve year after year and are proud to say we are doing our part. We are continually rethinking everything from products to the packaging they ship in to push the eco envelope. After all, what good is the most technologically advanced gear if the environment gets spoiled while making it?

      In fact, if you haven’t seen a swimsuit made entirely out of recycled water bottles, just ask one of our representatives.

      From top to entry level, Rocket Science Sports has a full range of products for consumers. Whether the suit is for the recreational or professional athlete, our line is top end and held at a high standard when compared to our competition and yet is priced competitively.

      Our brand is growing worldwide as athletes recognize our dedication to endurance sports. The retailers and distributors who choose to work with us appreciate a company with roots in sports and an interest in making gear for every athlete.



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