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      When the World Starts Swimming Again | #RememberSwimSafe Recommendations

      When the World Starts Swimming Again | #RememberSwimSafe Recommendations

      According to the  Swim England Returning to the Pool | Guidelines for ClubsPage 25 (Excerpt) and the SOP Guidelines of Kementerian Belia & Sukan Malaysia - Sektor Sukan dan Rekreasi Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan (PKP) - 19 February 2021

      Pastikan peralatan yang digunakan dibersihkan dan dinyahkuman selepas penggunaan. Perkongsian peralatan sukan peribadi ... adalah DILARANG.

      Equipment | Where possible, participants should have their own equipment and only bring what is required for that particular session. It will be important for the coach to ensure this information is provided in advance.

      • Personal equipment should be cleaned with anti-viral wipes or solution before and after use, and should not be stored at the venue.
      • Sharing of equipment is not be permitted and equipment should not be left at the facility.
      • Individuals should avoid handling other people’s kit and take their own kit home to clean.

      We've prepared a list of recommended Swim Gear Essentials for you! 

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