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      Malaysia Finswimming Championship 2023 | Recommended Swim Gears

      Malaysia Finswimming Championship 2023

      Here's our recommended Finswimming Championship 2023 gears list. 

      🗓️ 7th - 8th January 2023
      📍 Pusat Akuatik Paroi

      7.5 Finswimming Equipment

      a. For Surface Finswimming (SF), Apnoea Finswimming (AP) and Immersion Finswimming (IM) event, any type of monofin is allowed to be used.
      b. For those without monofin, is allowed to use bifin (Training / Standard) with strictly
      dolphin kick only. Any other kicking style is not permitted.
      c. For Bifin (BF) event, only standard size or training fin is allowed. Other type of fins are not allowed. If not sure, please check with organising team.
      d. Goggles or masks are serving only to protect the eyes and improve vision in the water.
      e. For Surface Finswimming (SF) and Bi-fins (BF) competition any type of snorkel with standard length is allowed.
      f. No socks/ neoprene shoes or boots are allowed to be used with monofin or bifin.
      g. The finswimmers must use decent sportswear – any type of swim suit that will not affect the natural buoyancy of the finswimmers. Only one sportswear is allowed.
      h. One or two swim caps are allowed to be used.

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